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nathan margolis

This exhibition by Philadelphia artist Nathan Margolis, 1908-1964, consists of paintings and prints that expresses contemporary styles of the mid 20th century. His work ranges from social realism to modernism, with an extensive list of national exhibitions and prizes since 1933 include the Pennsylvania Academy, Chicago Art Institute, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, Associated American Artists, etc. Many of the paintings were done in his Asbury Studios, which was his home in the Oak Lane section of Philadelphia.

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“Workers’ Houses” Aquatint on Paper 9"h x 11"w “Workers’ Houses” Nathan Margolis $400 inquire
Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 18"h x 40"w Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard Nathan Margolis $4,000 inquire
“Industry” Aquatint on Paper 8"h x 10"w “Industry” Nathan Margolis $450 inquire
“Triangle” Oil on Panel 16"h x 20"w “Triangle” Nathan Margolis $3,500 inquire
Graduation Acrylic on Canvasboard 14"h x 18"w Graduation Nathan Margolis $900 inquire
“At Michaud’s” Aquatint on Paper 7"h x 9"w “At Michaud’s” Nathan Margolis $500 inquire
“Estates” Aquatint on Paper 9"h x 10-3/4"w “Estates” Nathan Margolis $450 inquire
“5:32” Lithograph on Paper 11-1/2"h x 14-3/4"w “5:32” Nathan Margolis $450 inquire
“Flame Dancer” Woodblock Print on Paper 21"h x 9"w “Flame Dancer” Nathan Margolis $200 inquire