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Glimmer, Islamorada Oil on Canvas 32"h x 41"w Glimmer, Islamorada gaZbo dean $900 inquire
Two Cats Oil on Canvas 30"h x 40"w Two Cats gaZbo dean $850 inquire
Goated Oil on Canvas 25-1/2"h x 36"w Goated gaZbo dean $750 inquire
Roberta Oil on Canvas 40"h x 36"w Roberta gaZbo dean $575 inquire
New Dark Ages Acrylic on Masonite 29"h x 25"w New Dark Ages gaZbo dean $500 inquire
Roberta’s Sister Oil on Canvas 29"h x 25"w Roberta’s Sister gaZbo dean $575 inquire
Still Life, Mugs, 1948 Oil on Masonite 18"h x 14"w Still Life, Mugs, 1948 Fiske Boyd $2,000 inquire
“Interior 2” Acrylic on Masonite 24"h x 30"w “Interior 2” Alfred McNamara $950 inquire
“Mall” Acrylic on Masonite 30"h x 40"w “Mall” Alfred McNamara $1,750 inquire