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Through the Trees Oil on Artistboard 16"h x 14"w Through the Trees Evelin Bodfish Bourne $1,250 inquire
Still Life with Pussy Willows Oil on Canvas 24"h x 18"w Still Life with Pussy Willows Evelin Bodfish Bourne $2,750 inquire
Landscape in Spring Oil on Canvas 22"h x 29-1/2"w Landscape in Spring Evelin Bodfish Bourne $2,500 inquire
Woman in Pink Slip Oil on Canvas 19-1/2"h x 16"w Woman in Pink Slip Evelin Bodfish Bourne $1,250 inquire
Dunes Oil on Canvas 14-1/4"h x 18"w Dunes Evelin Bodfish Bourne $1,100 inquire
NY Reflection Lights No. 12 Watercolor on Paper 15"h x 11"w NY Reflection Lights No. 12 Jane McClintock $575 inquire
“Brother Edmond Walks About” Pastel on Paper 26"h x 20"w “Brother Edmond Walks About” Marjorie Very $1,800 inquire
Farmhouse Watercolor on Paper 22"h x 30"w Farmhouse Marjorie Very $1,700 inquire
At the Beach Acrylic on Masonite 24"h x 30"w At the Beach Alfred McNamara $950 inquire