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Still Life in Yellow Vase Oil on Canvas 30"h x 25"w Still Life in Yellow Vase Stanley Woodward $2,000 inquire
Ocean Waves Watercolor on Paper 19-1/2"h x 25"w Ocean Waves Stanley Woodward $1,400 inquire
“Quartuor a Cordes au Concert” Oil on Canvas 25-5/8"h x 32"w “Quartuor a Cordes au Concert” Renee Theobald $1,350 inquire
Nude at Water’s Edge Oil on Canvas 25"h x 30"w Nude at Water’s Edge Robert Nisbet $10,500 inquire
The El Oil on Canvas 26"h x 36"w The El Fiske Boyd $7,500 inquire
Farm with Silo Oil on Canvasboard 12"h x 16"w Farm with Silo Charles Curtis Allen $1,000 inquire
Birds of the Night Acrylic and Tempera on Canvas 24"h x 18"w Birds of the Night Karl Zerbe $4,200 inquire
California Summer Oil on Canvas 27"h x 34"w California Summer Edward Kingsbury $2,500 inquire
Woman at Market Oil on Panel 8"h x 6-1/4"w Woman at Market Ivan Olinsky $2,250 inquire