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Three Figures Oil on Canvas 34"h x 24"w Three Figures Fiske Boyd $3,500 inquire
New York City “El” Oil on Canvas 24"h x 16"w New York City “El” Fiske Boyd $4,500 inquire
Table Top Still Life Oil on Masonite 36"h x 24"w Table Top Still Life Fiske Boyd $12,500 inquire
The El Oil on Canvas 26"h x 36"w The El Fiske Boyd $7,500 inquire
Tea Pot with Still Life Oil on Canvas 20"h x 22"w Tea Pot with Still Life Fiske Boyd $2,500 inquire
Blue, Olive, and Brown Oil on Canvas 30"h x 40"w Blue, Olive, and Brown Fiske Boyd $4,500 inquire
Flat Bowl and Egg Oil on Panel 18"h x 24"w Flat Bowl and Egg Fiske Boyd $4,500 inquire
Farm with Silo Oil on Canvasboard 12"h x 16"w Farm with Silo Charles Curtis Allen $1,150 inquire
Backside of Mt. Mansfield Oil on Canvas 25"h x 36"w Backside of Mt. Mansfield Charles Curtis Allen $3,250 inquire